These cover rings for the CarbonCore Cortex Frame help to determine the position or orientation of the Cortex UAV when flying in daylight. The material used is highly reflective in daylight and offers a very high contrast even at greater distances.


A comparable solution with e.g. LED rings would require a very strong LED lighting when used in daylight, which means an additional consumption of the battery capacity.


The set consists of 2x green (front) and 2x orange (back) rings. The feedback and recommendations from our users also confirm that this color combination offers much more guidance than e.g. a color combination such as according to SORA for position lighting for UAV in this size ( 450 - 1000mm class )

When using these rings, users are not required to install them according to SORA or to activate lighting during daytime operation.

The plastic used here reflects very well even in cloudy skies, does not fade due to UV radiation and looks very good.

This set contains 2x green + 2x orange motor rings.

Motor Rings for CarbonCore Cortex Set

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